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Bittersweet memories and all

Today, I’ve met up with good friends(sorority Sisters) from Gallaudet before I make my move back to Illinois.  On the way home, sitting on the metro, i couldn’t help but to feel sorrow creeping in yet happiness was lingering around as well. I couldn’t help but to reflect on my times here in DC and at Gallaudet.  It was about to end soon.  DC has gave me so many heartaches, tough choices, depression, identity crisis, happiness, laughter, realization, and more. I came back after Graduating from Gallaudet, because I felt my chapter with DC wasn’t completed.  I felt this emptiness within me after I left DC after graduating.  I made the bold choice to move back into DC metro area and best choice ever.  The choice has made me realize who I am, made me closer to God, made me realize my life and where I do stand.  I was able to close some open wounds that I held on for so long, i was able to say Goodbye to my past and move forward.  I was able to get closer with some people that I needed to get closer with. and most of all, know myself and love myself more and more everyday.  As my move to Illinois approaches faster and faster, I find myself full of nerves and wondering whats to come out there. I know my first move is to help my family and mom and myself, to get myself back on the track and start planning for the rest of my life or my next move.  

I do miss country life apart from city life.  I miss the sunrises and sunsets over the flat land instead of the huge buildings in the way.  I miss the stars and moon shining brightly across the black sky, instead of the city shining brighter than the stars.  I miss the good old kind people that will walk by you on the sidewalk and shoot you with a smile and a simple nod, instead of the rush of crowds bumping into you without even saying sorry.  I miss the simple sweet finer things you will always realize when you live in the country instead of the city you start to get upset with metro being late or people holding up the line. City life does have its pros but it does make us forget who we are and where the kindness come from.   I am a country girl and i thank God for him to allowing me live my life that way, while as the pure city people won’t ever know the feeling of the warm breeze, Ice Tea, and the fireflies dancing across the yard. 

<3  New Chapter, new place, new me





Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

Go read this. It’s really important.

Be kind to one another.

so important

says buzzfeed and mtv that have made money off making memes of black women

Got em

LOVEEEE this! the read is amazing!  Thats the whole reason why i started the #smilemovement becuse of the negativity that everyone can impact someone


Join the wildfire SmileMovement!!! do something positive everyday!  This is signed video with voiceover and captions!  Reblog and tag down below SmileMovement !! get the word out please please lets make the change 

ahhh 11 notes perfect. just a start to revolution!  plus a friend of mine posted this on facebook, as her first day of SmileMovement

I couldn’t help but noticing a girl that looked sad and had a lot on her mind. 

We were at Ol’ South Pancake House having our “catch up”. This girl caught my eye, and she looked so stressed about something. So after debating, I decided to buy a chocolate chip cookie and before we left, I went over to her and said, “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but noticed you look a little sad today so I got you a cookie.” She smiled and gracefully said thank you. 

My friend, Jennifer Lynn started this #SmileMovement not too long ago. You see, seeing someone smile makes me smile. It’s a win-win. So it’s your turn to do something to brighten up someone’s day.  #SmileMovement”

Perfect way to start.  Have you done anything today? Blog it and tag it #SmileMovement 

SmileMovement Kickoff!!!!

I have a question for everyone… If i were to challenge everyone, to do something positive everyday, something short and sweet. It can be a random text to someone you haven’t spoke to in a long time, “Hello I’m thinking of you, I hope you’re having a good day”, it can be a random hug to a person,  It can be buying a dinner to someone on the street or a random family in a restaurant or even your own friends/family.  Something positive that makes a person smile and even yourself too.  I’m thinking about this, i’m thinking about to make an official vlog that challenges everyone to do something positive, at least try everyday,  I will want everyone to post their experiences about their attempt of making positivity spread on social media (ig, twiiter, FB tumblr, and more) Tag or hashtag SmileMovement I will be take a part of this as well.  Lets spread the love on world like wildfire.  We can do this. We can even save someone’s lives? By simply saying you’re amazing, or being there for them.   What you say? Wanna take on this challenge.  Official Vlog releasing today. <3 

God and my beliefs

God. The greatest king of the Earth.  Who has invented the world and us.  I respect anyone who has different religious beliefs or doesn’t believe in anything.  I respect them greatly because I do believe that their beliefs are correct.  

The subject of God, Bible, Jesus, suffering and Why has came up a lot for me in the past month.  In a month I have seen so many sufferings and hurt that you have no Idea.  I have seen a lot through these eyes of mine.  I couldn’t calm this raging storm within me and kept asking God, “why? Why are you doing this to my mom, to my family, to my best friends? They have suffered too much.”  Then I realized, He is there and he does help in his own little way.  This is the world that bad things do happens all the time, however this is the world that has so many god things as well.  

When you find yourself, beaten up and on the ground asking for help.  You find yourself getting angry with God for not being there for you.  I want you to stop yourself and think about all the good things and close calls in your life. That was God, God was there for you and God will be there fro you along the road. 

My one of my best friends and I have talked about God and the Bible.  She has grown so much and greatly in the past year.  When I met her she was Christian who has followed the Bible and hung on every word in the Bible.  She followed the rules of not to sins.  Now she has strayed from the Bible and kept the relationship between her and God.  Thats Great because for me Bible was right and true back then, but does it apply to today? some of the scriptures and sins yes it does. However, ALL of them? No.  I believe the Bible was created for that time period back then, as the sins of eating seafood, ladies can’t leave the house during period, and more.  The sins of Man and man together and woman and woman, probably was right back then, Maybe God created that sin to allow people to multiply the world with man and woman’s creations of children. Since the world was so small and not many people.  

Today I believe God does truly change along with the world.  

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