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SmileMovement Kickoff!!!!

I have a question for everyone… If i were to challenge everyone, to do something positive everyday, something short and sweet. It can be a random text to someone you haven’t spoke to in a long time, “Hello I’m thinking of you, I hope you’re having a good day”, it can be a random hug to a person,  It can be buying a dinner to someone on the street or a random family in a restaurant or even your own friends/family.  Something positive that makes a person smile and even yourself too.  I’m thinking about this, i’m thinking about to make an official vlog that challenges everyone to do something positive, at least try everyday,  I will want everyone to post their experiences about their attempt of making positivity spread on social media (ig, twiiter, FB tumblr, and more) Tag or hashtag SmileMovement I will be take a part of this as well.  Lets spread the love on world like wildfire.  We can do this. We can even save someone’s lives? By simply saying you’re amazing, or being there for them.   What you say? Wanna take on this challenge.  Official Vlog releasing today. <3 

God and my beliefs

God. The greatest king of the Earth.  Who has invented the world and us.  I respect anyone who has different religious beliefs or doesn’t believe in anything.  I respect them greatly because I do believe that their beliefs are correct.  

The subject of God, Bible, Jesus, suffering and Why has came up a lot for me in the past month.  In a month I have seen so many sufferings and hurt that you have no Idea.  I have seen a lot through these eyes of mine.  I couldn’t calm this raging storm within me and kept asking God, “why? Why are you doing this to my mom, to my family, to my best friends? They have suffered too much.”  Then I realized, He is there and he does help in his own little way.  This is the world that bad things do happens all the time, however this is the world that has so many god things as well.  

When you find yourself, beaten up and on the ground asking for help.  You find yourself getting angry with God for not being there for you.  I want you to stop yourself and think about all the good things and close calls in your life. That was God, God was there for you and God will be there fro you along the road. 

My one of my best friends and I have talked about God and the Bible.  She has grown so much and greatly in the past year.  When I met her she was Christian who has followed the Bible and hung on every word in the Bible.  She followed the rules of not to sins.  Now she has strayed from the Bible and kept the relationship between her and God.  Thats Great because for me Bible was right and true back then, but does it apply to today? some of the scriptures and sins yes it does. However, ALL of them? No.  I believe the Bible was created for that time period back then, as the sins of eating seafood, ladies can’t leave the house during period, and more.  The sins of Man and man together and woman and woman, probably was right back then, Maybe God created that sin to allow people to multiply the world with man and woman’s creations of children. Since the world was so small and not many people.  

Today I believe God does truly change along with the world.  

Identity of Deaf person

I have something to share to the deaf community.  Firstly, let me introduce myself and explain about my background.  

My name is Jennifer Hess and I am deaf/blind. I use and love my Cochlear Implant.  I was born hearing, then drastically lost my hearing by age of 1.  I was on hearing aids for a while till my hearing was so far gone to the point where hearing aids had no benefit for me at all.  My doctor recommended Cochlear implant to my mom.  Of course, just like all parents in the world, parents want nothing but the best for their child. My mom thought she was doing what was best for me.  No one has educated her on the deaf community and ASL.  However, luckily my audiologist encourage mom to have me learn sign language (SEE PSE) and go into speech therapy.  Mom took her advice and my family do sign, a mixture of home signs and SEE, hey better than nothing. I went to preschool with a deaf program that focused on sign language and speech therapy. So all day of ma ma ma, fa fa fa, moo moo moo, and more. You know the basic of speech therapy.  Then I turned 6 years old, it was time for me to move up to kindergarten.  My mom uprooted the family and moved into a small town just for me, in order to get the best possible education I can get. I joined into a very small cute deaf program which involved only 4 deaf girls including me.  I was one of the first deaf students to be mainstreamed into that school district.  

I had Hearing impaired teachers with me through my school career.  They typically teach me for some subjects such as English, History, and Math. The rest of the subjects, we go to mainstream classes, the H.I. teachers would become interpreters for us.  By Junior High school, my learning pace has surpassed my fellow deaf students and I was getting bored in the deaf education.  I wanted to be inclusive all the way. My mom and I have fought for me to be in mainstream program 100 percent.  My mom even threatened to take me out of their school district, in which they didn’t want me to leave since I was their cash cow. Finally I got it.  I had interpreter with me all through out high school. IN high school, i was so curious with ASL and the deaf community itself.  I would watch ASL music videos on youtube and try to learn the slangs.  I decided I wanted to be in Deaf Ed major when I go into University, Illinois State Uni.  Sadly I wasn’t accepted into ISU (Best thing ever, I’ll tell you why)  That led me into enrolling into community college for a year. In that year span, I was depressed due to no social life and no connection deaf peers since I was only one.  

My mom made the best suggestion for me.  She suggested me to go to Gallaudet University. She knew that was what I needed for my life.  She definitely didn’t want me to be thousands miles away from home but she knew she had to let me go.  Best mom of the my life. I arrived to Gallaudet. I was looked down upon, i was judged. Just simply because I signed PSE not ASL enough and that I had Cochlear Implant.  I struggled for good two years at Gallaudet with my identity. I pushed myself away from hearing world, and I tried to connect myself with the deaf peers.  Then I realized to myself… this is not who I am.  I love sounds, i love music, and I am proud of myself that I do talk vocally.  However, I am proud of my skills at ASL which has improved tremendously in the last four years. I am proud deaf person and I do love deaf community and its culture.  Sadly they don’t accept a part of me. I’m sorry for not being sorry.  I grew up in hearing World.  It was my life for good 20 years before I found my true identity at Gallaudet.  I was able to make my hearing culture a part of me in that 20 years of my life.  But I ALWAYS felt something was missing in those 20 years of my life.  I was yearning for something but i didn’t know what it was.  Until I came to Gallaudet. 

I thank God that my mom did encourage me to go to Gallaudet because If i never did, then I wouldn’t have found deaf culture, ASL, or the love of deaf peers.  In that four years at Gallaudet, I had people who judged but I also found amazing best friends who loved me for who I am. 

I am Deaf.  I use and love ASL.  I use and love C.I.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  As long I know who I am and that I do belong in the Deaf Community. 

Deaf Community need to learn how to accept and give people chances. There are more deaf babies who are born into hearing family and most likely will be implanted and be oral as they grow up.  However, what I’ve noticed some of them do feel something is missing from their life and they go to Gallaudet to find what it is that they’re missing.  They come to Gallaudet to learn ASL and deaf community.  They want to be part of deaf community because They are deaf themselves.  I always thought that once you’re born deaf, you’ll always be deaf.  No matter what if you’re implanted or grew up Oral. But they will always feel something is missing from their life.  

For once, I feel at peace with myself. Thanks to my family, to my friends, to Gallaudet, and the Deaf Community. God Bless


What is happiness? What does it mean to us? Well to me… it means that sunrise after a long hard night, knowing there is light and darkness does end. It means that moment when you just stop walking in the middle of the crowd and the sky’s blue and you’re breathing in. You know you’re just alive.  It means that laughter with your friends and family and you just think to yourself, “God i’m happy here.” It means so many different ways for all of us. Whats your Happiness? Think about it, maybe you’ll be grateful to be alive. Just know that all the bad times do end and the Happy good times will come.  Hang in there. 

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